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San Jose City Workers Profit with AFSCME Strong

Using AFSCME Strong campaign tactics to energize and mobilize members, Local 101 was able to win 9% wage increases during the 3-year term of a new contract for San Jose city workers.

Pablo Ros |

Tucson Fair Wages Push Is AFSCME Strong

AFSCME Local 449 members are utilizing the tools they learned during their AFSCME Strong training to gain support to improve the lives of City of Tucson employees.

Kevin Brown |

Coordinated Actions Win Raises, Stop State Shutdown

It took thousands of public employees rallying across Washington state at more than 100 locations over two days this May and June to urge state legislators to agree to a sensible budget and avert a shutdown of state services on July 1.

Tim Welch |

Pennsylvania Family, Youth Services Workers Strike and Win

More than 100 employees of Lackawanna County (Pennsylvania) Family and Youth Services took the ultimate step to go out on strike in May to demand respect in the workplace. After 11 days on the picket line, they won.

Kevin Zapf Hanes |

Riverside County, CA, Deal Would Improve Paramedic & EMT Pay, Patient Care

Paramedics & EMTs in CA have reached an agreement with AMR that provides 18% pay increases, protects health insurance, and perhaps most importantly, creates a professional practice committee to give emergency care professionals a voice in patient care.

Justin Lee |

Next Wave Assembly Applies Street Heat

Young AFSCME members gathered in St. Louis for the 3rd annual Next Wave Assembly, getting an opportunity to strengthen their organizing skills, rally for Missouri home care attendants and connect with a network of future labor leaders.

Namita Waghray |

University Employees Demand Respect, Decent Pay

Nearly 4,000 AFSCME and Teamsters members — front-line workers at the University of Minnesota — are speaking up about grossly unequal pay as they negotiate a new contract with the university.

John Noonan |

In Hawaii, Challenges…and Answers

Adele Koyama was skeptical that she would learn anything new about member involvement as she began AFSCME Strong training in Honolulu, May 11-12, along with 103 other union activists. She kept an open mind, however, and was far from disappointed.

Pablo Ros |

Washington Unity Rallies Seek Budget Solution

Public employees rallied across Washington state on June 18 to urge state legislators to agree to a sensible budget and avert a shutdown of state services on July 1.

Pablo Ros |

California Feeling AFSCME Strong

Members from California and Hawaii assembled in San Diego for a three day AFSCME strong training to learn the skills needed to protect our future.


AFSCME Strong Is Our Plan

AFSCME is organizing! We are having 1-on-1 conversations with our co-workers, building political power, and creating a stronger union.

Nevada Budget Includes Raises for State Workers

AFSCME Local 4041 members were rewarded for their steadfast advocacy - like this rally in Las Vegas in April - with the 3 percent raise over two years. Their last wage increase was offset by retirement and health benefits premiums.

Kevin Brown |

Union Coalition Defeats Dialysis Privatization Scheme

A coalition of New York City unions, including AFSCME’s DC 37, helped stop privatization of dialysis services at four public hospitals by a for-profit operator with a questionable quality-of-care record.

Clyde Weiss |

Connecticut Workers to Receive Up to $125 Million in Layoff Settlement

“This sends a clear message to elected officials across the country that when you target workers – unions and their families – we will not be bullied and we will not give up until we get justice for all workers.”

Kevin Zapf Hanes |

VIDEO: California Feeling AFSCME Strong

Members and staff from United Domestic Workers (UDW) Local 3930, Hawaii Government Employees Association (HGEA) Local 152, AFSCME Council 36, and AFSCME Locals 3299 and 1902 talk about the importance of their recent AFSCME Strong training in this video.

Kevin Brown |

Are You AFSCME Strong?

Through the AFSCME Strong campaign, our entire union is being transformed as we face the greatest challenge in our history.

Pablo Ros |

Thousands of Pennsylvania Home Care Providers Vote to Make Voices Heard

Thousands of home care providers in Pennsylvania voted in April to form a union to advocate for expanding and improving services for seniors and people with disabilities.

Pablo Ros |

Ohio Retirees at Forum Push to Expand Social Security

Standing up for retirement security for all Americans during a White House Conference on Aging (WHCoA) regional meeting here Monday, AFSCME Ohio retirees amplified the call to preserve, protect and expand Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare.

Omar Tewfik |

UC Doctors Strike Again Over Unfair Labor Practices

University of California doctors at the northern campus student health centers went on strike over Unfair Labor Practices (ULPs) April 9, and doctors at the Southern California campuses were set to strike April 11.

Kevin Brown |

They’re AFSCME Strong and Proud to be First to Take Up the Challenge

A new campaign, called AFSCME Strong, is focused on communicating and organizing, member to member. It is designed to leverage the strength of our member activists by training 5 percent of all AFSCME members on ways to connect with their co-workers.

Clyde Weiss |
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