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Worth the Fight: Archived Posts

AFSCME Retirees Get Out the Vote

Always engaged, they’re burning up the phone lines and pounding the pavement to educate people on the issues that matter.

AFSCME Staff |

Our Chance to Turn It Around | On the Record

This is one of the most important elections of our lifetimes. We can elect leaders who will be a champion for working people. Don't miss out.

Fierce Unity and Determination Mark Contract Win for Southern Illinois County Workers

Members of AFSCME Local 2464 (Council 31), county workers from Southern Illinois’ Jackson County, won a new union contract with fair pay and affordable health care.

Nell McNamara, AFSCME Council 31 |

Facing Excessive Caseloads and Stagnant Wages, Members of AFSCME Maryland Rally in Annapolis

AFSCME Maryland is urging the Hogan administration to stop obstructing annual wage negotiations and give concrete proposals immediately at bargaining.

Katie Moy-Santos, AFSCME Maryland |

AFSCME Members in Iowa Overwhelmingly Vote Yes to Recertify their Union

This is proof that despite attacks against public service workers and their unions, if we stand together, we can be stronger than ever before.

This Election Day, We Denounce Violence and Hate. Instead, We Will Vote Our Values.

“We are broken-hearted by the news of the past few weeks and horrified to see that some candidates for public office still believe marginalizing and dehumanizing people who might think or look or pray differently is a winning strategy."

AFSCME Staff |

80 Years Ago: A Turning Point for Workers

Eighty years ago, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) took effect, creating for the first time a federal right to a minimum wage and overtime, while also banning child labor.

Pete Levine |

“A Struggle Our Union Has Been Waging for Decades”

AFSCME President Lee Saunders and Secretary-Treasurer Elissa McBride joined University of California strikers in their fight against outsourcing, wage inequality and more.

AFSCME Staff |

DC 37 and the City Agree on Unlimited Paid Sick Leave for 9/11 Heroes

After weeks of intense negotiations, the union won a landmark victory for our 9/11 first responders and other members who worked at the World Trade Center site during the rescue, recovery and cleanup.

Mike Lee, DC 37 |

AFSCME Stands with Transgender People, Who #WontBeErased

AFSCME members — women, men, transgender and gender nonconforming — provide the vital services that make America happen. They never quit on their communities and AFSCME never quits on them.

AFSCME Staff |

AFSCME Rallies with Marriott Hotel Workers Who Demand ‘One Job Should Be Enough’

Saturday’s rally in Boston’s Fairmont Copley Plaza was the latest show of unity among employees of the largest hotel chain in the world.

AFSCME Staff |

Union Lawsuit Seeks to Block Missouri’s New Anti-Worker Law

Missouri workers are holding strong against another wave of attacks by anti-worker politicians.

AFSCME Staff |

AFSCME Stands with Marriott Hotel Workers on Strike

By the latest count, there are now 7,700 Marriott hotel workers who have walked out on strike in cities across the United States.

Pablo Ros |

Workers at Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare Say They Are Determined to Unionize

With the help of their coworkers, they’ll continue to fight for a voice on the job.

Pablo Ros |

It’s Not Too Late to Say NO to Kavanaugh

No to someone who’ll be a rubber stamp for interests that want to rig the rules of our economy. No to someone who has sided with corporations.

Pete Levine |

University of California Employees Mulling Second Strike of the Year

The strike vote, set for later this month, follows a three-day walkout by 53,000 UC workers last May over their employer's outsourcing practices.

AFSCME Local 3299 |

Collective Action Prevails, Even Against Corporate Giant Amazon

The workers’ fight mirrors the fight taking place across the country by overlooked and underpaid workers who are tired of being pushed around and silenced.

Pete Levine |

A Decade Later: Four Ways Working People Are Still Paying for the 2008 Financial Crisis

Ten years ago this month, the Great Recession kicked into high gear, creating huge problems for working people that they are still working through. But things are looking up.

AFSCME Staff |

Maryland Retirees Call on the Governor to Keep the State’s Promise to Them

“It is of a moral imperative that Governor Hogan act now to protect the dignity of the thousands of Marylanders who dedicated their lives and careers to public service.”

Kevin Zapf Hanes |

Keeping Kavanaugh Off the Supreme Court

Call 1-888-981-9704 today to reach your state’s senators and tell them to vote no on Kavanaugh.

Pete Levine |
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