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Your Union: Archived Posts

Bus Driver and Attendant Save Girl from Wild Dog

A 5-year-old girl in the clutches of a wild pit bull was rescued Oct. 9 by a bus driver and bus attendant, both represented by AFSCME Local 2251.

Kevin Zapf Hanes |

Archivist Picked for Health and Safety Advisory Council

Library of Congress archivist Nan Thompson Ernst will serve on the Federal Advisory Council on Occupational Safety and Health.

Pablo Ros |

Member Opens Veterans Museum

Glenn Dusablon, president of AFSCME Local 2869 (Rhode Island Council 94), has created his own military artifacts museum honoring veterans.

Clyde Weiss |

Lynn Loveday Honored for Helping Homeless

Lynn Loveday, state vice president of AFSCME Council 94, was recently honored by the United Way of Rhode Island for her leadership to increase labor’s efforts to help her state’s homeless population.

Kevin Zapf Hanes |

No Rescue Effort Needed for This AFSCME Couple

Sparks flew in the 911 dispatch center of the New York City Fire Department as Oren Barzilay first laid eyes on Tyiesha Hinton. He couldn’t take his eyes off her and, being the union steward, grabbed the opportunity to talk to her.

Pablo Ros |

Paying Their Dues: A Love Story

Here’s how a one-on-one conversation between a union organizer and a laid-back, nonunion social worker led to 45 years of marriage, four children and eight grandchildren, and a long career in the labor movement.

Kevin Zapf Hanes |

AFSCME Mourns Loss of Wisconsin Leader Marty Beil

Within his AFSCME family, Beil was regarded as a gentle giant: outspoken and pointed with foes of working men and women, but a soft-spoken mentor and friend to his union sisters and brothers, and colleagues.

Cynthia McCabe |

Thank you, Brother Beil

Member Is Victim in Wave of Violence

Clarence “Wade” Havvard, an AFSCME Local 725 member and employee of the Indianapolis/Marion County Department of Public Works (DPW), was killed Aug. 26 in a wave of violence that has struck the city in recent weeks.

David Patterson |

Love in the Union: Rick and Rachel

Did you find love in your (labor) union? If so, we’d like to hear your story.

Pablo Ros |

Ten Years after Katrina, Solidarity Overshadows Tragedy

Ten years after the storm, we can still say about our AFSCME sisters and brothers: They rose to the challenge.

Pablo Ros |

AFSCME Members Establish Innovative Youth Court

For more than a decade, AFSCME Local 1624 Pres. Judy Cortez and Austin Municipal Court Judge John Vasquez, have been working in their free time to establish a mobile problem-solving youth court, or Youth Diversion Program.

Omar Tewfik |

Record Rains Put Workers to the Test

Indianapolis set a record for rainfall in June with an average of 9.03 inches. The city received 400 tree-down complaints, 129 flooding/high water complaints and 1,140 tree debris complaints.

David Patterson and Shonna Quick-Crowell |

After 66 Years on the Job, No Worries

The longest-serving state employee in Maryland is about to retire, but don’t ask him about his retirement plans. After 66 years on the job as staff photographer for the State Highway Administration, Tim Hyman says he doesn’t have any.

Pablo Ros |

EMT Plunges into Hudson to Save Woman

As most New Yorkers were preparing to go to work, EMT Niall O’Shaughnessy was already on the job – literally up to his neck in the treacherous, choppy waters of the Hudson River, trying to save a young woman who had thrown herself in only minutes before.

Alfredo Alvarado |

AFSCME Texas Corrections Mourn Fallen Officer

TELFORD, Texas – Corrections Officer Timothy Davison, the victim of an attack by a prisoner at the prison unit here in Bowie County, was laid to rest July 25 amid an outpouring of support for the Davison family from his Corrections family.

Namita Waghray |

Florida’s Living Labor Legend Retires

After a long and distinguished career, Council 79 President Jeanette Wynn celebrated her retirement at a reception full of hugs, tears and stories following the recent AFSCME Strong Training Conference held in Altamont Springs, Florida.

Mark McCullough |

Ohio Council 8 Activist, Labor Leader Marie Clarke Celebrates 100th Birthday

Marie Clarke, an AFSCME Ohio Council 8 retiree who dedicated her life to working for equal rights in the workplace, celebrates her 100th birthday June 27.

Joe Weidner, AFSCME Ohio Council 8 |

Lori Cutshall: Volunteer Extraordinaire

Lori Cutshall, president of AFSCME Local 2523 in Pennsylvania, embodies what the Jefferson Awards Foundation calls an “unsung hero” – a volunteer or paid professional who goes “well beyond their expected duties” to help out in their local community.

Clyde Weiss |

25-Year School Board Member Honored

Gary Miller, a labor leader and LGBT rights advocate, was honored by the City of Roseville, California, for his 25-year service on two separate school boards – Robla board in North Sacramento for 19 years and Roseville City School Board since 2008.

Kevin Brown |
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