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Fourth Unit of NV State Workers Win Recognition as AFSCME

The momentum continues. A fourth unit of Nevada state workers has been certified to collectively bargain with the state as AFSCME.

Cyndy Hernandez |

At Nevada Event, AFSCME Members and Retirees Question Candidates on Priorities

On the eve of the Nevada caucus, AFSCME members and retirees heard one last time from candidates or their surrogates on the issues that matter most to working families.

AFSCME Staff |

AFSCME Members Voice Support for Public Service Freedom to Negotiate Act

AFSCME members are pushing Congress to pass the Public Service Freedom to Negotiate Act and extend collective bargaining rights to state and local workers nationwide.

Pete Levine |

Charles County Workers Seek Collective Bargaining Rights

Charles County, Md., workers took their fight for collective bargaining rights straight to the Maryland State House.

Meredith Scalos |

Building Political Power BLOC By BLOC

Groups like BLOC, Black Leaders Organizing for Communities, are mobilizing residents around issues that matter to them and giving them the tools to hold elected officials accountable.

AFSCME Staff |

Statewide Rallies Spur Pay Raise Proposals for Florida State Workers

Florida state workers, who are chronically underpaid and overworked, held massive rallies throughout the state demanding pay raises – and the legislature listened.

Mark McCullough, AFSCME International, and Kelly Benjamin, AFSCME Florida |

Collective Bargaining Bill Passed by the Virginia House of Delegates

A historic bill granting collective bargaining rights to public service workers in Virginia has passed the state House of Delegates.

Meredith Scalos |

Child Care Providers United Files for Historic Election

Child Care Providers United – a joint effort of AFSCME and SEIU – has filed for a union election in California for 40,000 workers to join together and build power.

David Myles |

Building Power in Oregon’s Behavioral Health Industry

A total of 209 behavioral health workers in Oregon have chosen to build power through AFSCME.

Mark McCullough |

At AFSCME’s Iowa Coffee Caucus, Candidates Champion Public Services and Unions

The event held Saturday – two days before the Iowa caucus – gave Council 61 members an opportunity to hear from presidential candidates and surrogates.

Pablo Ros |

Workers in Florida’s Most Populous County Approve Historic Contract

Members of AFSCME Local 199 secure a big contract victory in Florida’s biggest county.

Antonio Lewis and Kelly Benjamin, AFSCME Florida |

Wisconsin Museum Workers Reject Bad Contract, Demand a Fair Deal

In Milwaukee, AFSCME museum workers rejected bad contract offers and are standing up for a fair deal.

Raju Chebium |

With UC Patient Care Agreement, Local 3299 Workers Notch Historic Victory

Local 3299 patient care workers at the University of California system win historic victory by securing a hard-fought contract.

Pete Levine |

Virginia Collective Bargaining Bill Would Lead to Better Public Services

AFSCME and other labor unions are pushing for public service workers in Virginia to get collective bargaining rights.

AFSCME Staff |

Historic Victories at Hand for AFSCME 3299 Workers

A three-year struggle for fairness is almost over for thousands of workers in the University of California system.

Pete Levine |

Maryland Members Seek Fair Treatment from Gov. Hogan

AFSCME Maryland members rallied in Annapolis this week to send Gov. Larry Hogan a strong message that they need fair pay and safer staffing.

AFSCME Staff |

Behavioral Health Loan Repayment Program Gets Federal Funding

A loan repayment program for behavioral health workers has federal funding thanks to AFSCME. But we are pushing Congress for more.

Mark McCullough |

AFSCME Local 4041 Certified As Exclusive Representatives For Three Bargaining Units

Three groups of State of Nevada employees have just won recognition as AFSCME to negotiate contracts.

Cyndy Hernandez |

UC Santa Cruz Skilled Workers Forced to Go On Strike

Chronic low staffing, poor pay are among the reasons why skilled workers at the University of California-Santa Cruz have gone on strike.

David Myles |

DC 37 Members Demand Accountability from NYC’s Private Hospitals

AFSCME members in New York are speaking out about runaway charges in the city’s largest private hospitals and are asking the city council to resolve the problem.

Mike Lee, AFSCME District Council 37 |
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