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A Minor Gesture Makes a Major Difference

Iowa utility worker Chris DeHarty, a member of AFSCME Local 212 (Council 61), helped his fellow public service worker, Lynette Tiede-Beals, in a time of crisis.

Pete Levine |

BART Worker Honored as Hero After Saving Man From Being Hit by Train

AFSCME Council 57 member wins national praise after saving a passenger from being hit by a train in Northern California.

Martin Ricard, AFSCME Council 57 |

Beating the Expectations, Believing in His Community

George Morales, a member of AFSCME Local 1624, has always believed in his community, even when others didn’t. That’s why he’s a Never Quit Service Award winner.

Pete Levine |

New York 911 Operator Honored with Statewide Award

Meet AFSCME Council 66 member and 911 operator Loretta Anderson, whose job is unseen and often unappreciated. Not any longer, though.


Union 411: Collective Bargaining

AFSCME Staff |

Tulsa Water Distribution Admin Is ‘Awesome Person’ and Problem Solver

Laura Chance of Oklahoma Local 1180, works behind the scenes to make sure employees of Tulsa’s water department have everything they need to keep the water distribution system up and running.

Pablo Ros |

California Merger: Local 1, Council 57 Agree to Unify

By joining with AFSCME Council 57, Public Employees Union members have gained a much stronger voice.

Martin Ricard, AFSCME Council 57 |

Round-the-Clock Commitment to Public Service

Some AFSCME members perform public service during and after work. Like Oregon member Vanessa Nordyke.

David Kreisman, Oregon AFSCME |

Los Angeles Retiree Selma Benjamin: Dedicated and Determined at 100

At 100, Los Angeles retiree Selman Benjamin remains dedicated and determined – and AFSCME Strong.

Pete Levine |

For Nevada Psychiatric Nurse, His Union Helps Him ‘Concentrate on Caring for People’

Alonzo Thornton is a psychiatric nurse in Nevada who says that it’s because his union has his back that he can “concentrate on caring for people.”

AFSCME Staff |

Quick Thinking, Decisive Action Save Connecticut Member’s Life

Heroic actions by his alert, quick-thinking colleagues saved a Connecticut member’s life after he suffered a workplace accident.

Larry Dorman, AFSCME Council 4 |

California Nurse Once Thought About Quitting but Persevered

Early in Brian Zeringue’s career, a patient died on him. He thought about quitting, but thanks to support from his colleagues, he persevered – and his community is better off for it.

Pablo Ros |

Online Training Available for AFSCME Women Leading Change

Attention AFSCME members. The 2019 Women’s Leadership Academy Online is gearing up to offer a new series of trainings. Find out how to sign up.

Namita Waghray |

New York Congressman Espaillat Joins AFSCME in Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Espaillat, who represents New York’s 13th congressional district, is a Dominican immigrant and the first Dominican-American to serve in the U.S. Congress.

AFSCME Staff |

AFSCME’s Wage Calculator Highlights the Benefits of Union Membership

Union members bring home bigger paychecks than workers who don’t have the power to sit down and negotiate together. The numbers tell the story.

AFSCME Staff |

The World’s Largest Library: Powered by AFSCME Members

AFSCME Secretary-Treasurer Elissa McBride goes behind-the-scenes at the Library of Congress.

AFSCME Staff |

This Year on 9/11, We Finally Live Up to Our Promise to Help Those Who Never Quit

As we observe the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Congress has finally authorized permanent funding for first responders and others who became ill after working at the World Trade Center on that tragic day.

AFSCME Staff |

Remembering Brother Baxter Leach, A 1968 Memphis Sanitation Striker

We celebrate the life of Brother Baxter Leach, a 1968 Memphis sanitation striker, who remained a labor and civil rights activist until his death this week.

AFSCME Staff |

Approval for Unions Near 50-Year High, Reflecting Broader Momentum

Approval for unions is at a near 50-year high. It’s becoming increasingly clear that this trend is the result of workers realizing the value of unions.

Pete Levine, Pablo Ros |

He Helps Nevada Students See Campus and They Inspire Him

Never Quit Award winner and Local 4041 member Larry Coffey teaches blind and visually impaired students at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, to move around campus.

Jay Hutchison |
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