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Road Tripping to Graduation

To celebrate his AFSCME Free College graduation, John Caudell journeyed from Hawaii to Ohio, where his graduation ceremony was held.

Pete Levine |

From East to West, AFSCME Law Enforcement Officers Never Quit

Pablo Ros |

Setting an Example for Others, Even in the Face of Tragedy

Lois Iyomasa didn’t always want to be a workers’ compensation hearing officer. Like most people, she didn’t always know what that even was.

Pablo Ros |

Community Support Boosts Maui Lifeguards in Win for Fair Contract

Lifeguards in Maui County, Hawaii, won a fair contract, but It took a public campaign by HGEA members to achieve their victory.

Kevin Brown |

In Hawaii, Challenges…and Answers

Adele Koyama was skeptical that she would learn anything new about member involvement as she began AFSCME Strong training in Honolulu, May 11-12, along with 103 other union activists. She kept an open mind, however, and was far from disappointed.

Pablo Ros |