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Former Iowa Nurse Speaks Up for Union Bill in Congress

A former Iowa nurse and AFSCME member who was attacked on the job supports congressional legislation that would protect union rights.

Pablo Ros |

Following Attack, AFSCME Iowa Nurse Speaks Out for Safe Workplaces

"They refused to let my co-workers donate vacation days to help me make it through. They refused my request for unpaid time off once my paid sick time ran out. And finally, they fired me."

AFSCME Staff |

AFSCME Members in Iowa Overwhelmingly Vote Yes to Recertify their Union

This is proof that despite attacks against public service workers and their unions, if we stand together, we can be stronger than ever before.

Union Lawsuit Seeks to Block Missouri’s New Anti-Worker Law

Missouri workers are holding strong against another wave of attacks by anti-worker politicians.

AFSCME Staff |

AFSCME Appeals Judge’s Ruling in Collective Bargaining Lawsuit

AFSCME in Iowa is taking its fight against an anti-collective bargaining law all the way to the Iowa Supreme Court.

Lisa Martin |

Iowa Workers Give Their Union a Resounding Vote of Confidence

In a resounding vote of confidence, virtually all of the more than 1,700 AFSCME Iowa public service workers voted this week to remain with their union.

Iowa Prison Stabbing Leads AFSCME to Demand Action ‘Before Someone Gets Killed’

AFSCME Iowa Council 61 is demanding action from Iowa Department of Corrections officials after two correctional officers were attacked by inmates in less than a week.

Pablo Ros |

Lessons from Iowa

This past February, Iowa’s collective bargaining law was gutted. Learn how they’re standing up to take back what’s theirs.

Pete Levine |

Welcome to Our New Podcast: About That AFSCME Life!

Listen to the very first episode of About That AFSCME Life, the new podcast bringing you the stories of your sisters and brothers and news you can use.

Jesse Berney |

Saunders to Iowa: We’ll Stand Together and Build Together

Hundreds of Iowa Council 61 members – clad in AFSCME green – flooded the Iowa State Capital this week to stand up against attacks on working people.

John Noonan |

IA Pol’s Degree Is Bogus

Wile also attacking working families, an Iowa state senator touted his “business degree” from a steakhouse chain.

John Noonan |

AFSCME Stands by Public Workers in Iowa

AFSCME is fighting back in Iowa against the latest attempt to silence the voices of working people and take away their ability to negotiate together for better wages and working conditions.

Pablo Ros |

Iowa Pols Should Support Workers’ Rights, Not Squash Them

More than 184,000 Iowa public service workers are about to lose important collective bargaining rights.

Clyde Weiss and John Noonan |

Iowa Vets to Pols: Our Issues Are Working Family Issues

Hundreds of Iowa vets tell legislators that their issues are aligned with the concerns of working families.

David Patterson |

Council 61 Members Stand Up for Their Collective Bargaining Rights

Members of AFSCME Council 61 stood together to fight for Iowa communities. Find out how.

John Noonan and David Patterson |

The Lingering Cost of Education

The student debt crisis reaches across generations. Our union can help.

Olivia Sandbothe |

Safe Staffing Big Problem in Iowa Corrections

Prison escapes and attacks on correctional officers led Iowa Local 451 members to say, “Enough!” Then they took action.

Brian Jennings and David Patterson |

Never Quit: Louise Lex, 86, Just Wants to Help People

Louise Lex, 86, personifies the theme of National Women’s History Month: “Honoring Women in Public Service and Government.”

Clyde Weiss |

AFSCME Volunteers Rally with Bill Clinton in Iowa

400-plus volunteers from AFSCME and other unions joined former President Bill Clinton in Iowa for a Get Out The Caucus event.

David Patterson |

AFSCME Protesters Trump the Donald in Iowa

AFSCME members take on The Donald at his own event in Davenport, Iowa, on Dec. 5. His policies: Bad for working families.

David Patterson |