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AFSCME Local 2629 Lay Their Cards on the Table

AFSCME Strong trumps right-to-work in Kentucky, where members let the city of Louisville know they stand together.

Lisa Martin |

Less Harry Potter but Just As Much Magic for This AFSCME Strong Activist

Stephanie Davis, a library clerk in Louisville, Kentucky, would much rather spend a quiet weekend at home than having one-on-one conversations with strangers. But the AFSCME Strong training changed that.

Pablo Ros |

Sandy Mayes Followed in Her Dad’s Footsteps

Sandy Mayes of Kentucky followed in her dad’s footsteps, and she’s now leading her co-workers in Local 4011 to become AFSCME Strong.

Pablo Ros |

Kentucky COs Earn Raises, Respect

Kentucky corrections officers earned hefty pay increases and bonuses from an administration concerned about retaining and attracting good employees willing to perform the dangerous work.

David Patterson |