Patients Before Profits:
Stand with UC Patients and Workers

We stand in solidarity with University of California Medical System workers across the Golden State. The attack against workers there is an attack against workers everywhere. Sign the petition below to stand with AFSCME workers in their struggle against the greed and indifference of the UC Medical System leadership.

Sign the Petition

  • The University of California Medical System refuses to negotiate reasonable safe staffing, retirement security and fair wage proposals. The UC Medical System must agree to negotiate with patient care workers on these issues immediately.
  • Hospital executives receive outrageous compensation, bonuses and pensions, while patient care and safety suffers. These reckless payouts need to stop immediately and focus needs to be returned to the patients and workers in the system.
  • In spite of hundreds of millions in annual profits, administrators want to cut pensions and slash retiree health care. The workers who have devoted their lives to making the UC Medical System great deserve a secure retirement.