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Central Texas Organizer/Representative

Affiliate: AFSCME TX Corrections Organizing Council
Location:Central Texas (Austin to Abilene)
Posting Date:April 19, 2017

The AFSCME TX Corrections Organizing Council, the largest union representing TDCJ employees,  is now accepting applications for an Organizer/Representative to be based in Central TX (organizing in the field from Austin to Abilene). 

The Organizer will have the responsibility of building local union capacity and empowering the current membership through internal organizing, planning, and executing representational programs with two Locals.  The Organizer will be responsible, in addition, for carrying out the Council’s vision of building strength by organizing new members.

The Organizer reports to the Executive Director or designee.  This position is unionized with a competitive salary and excellent benefits. 

Primary Responsibilities

  • Conducting one-on-one organizing conversations with potential new members through small group meetings and home visits.
  • Building union visibility through site visits—engaging employees on site and keeping workers focused on the union message and goals.
  • Developing and supporting execution of worker mobilizations for internal organizing and political organizing.
  • Meeting goals regarding new membership and leadership recruitment.
  • Recruiting and developing stewards and volunteer member organizers to lead the programs of the union including participating in house visits; planning and executing blitzes; assessing workers; representing members (in disciplinary meetings and grievances);  and leading new employee and other orientations.
  • Supporting and developing local leaders and activists through assisting them in planning and executing local membership and organizing meetings as well as helping develop local strategic plans with clear benchmarks.
  • Keeping in good communication with local leaders to involve them in all Council planning and events and to seek the development of their ownership of the Council program.
  • Identifying local worksite issues and planning worker actions to address workplace problems—using organizing whenever possible to solve problems (rather than grieving).
  • Training member organizers and stewards in the field (as well as in the classroom).
  • Creating and working with others to develop and revise weekly strategic plans. 
  • Working constructively with union staff and member leadership, coworkers, the union membership, and others.
  • Maintaining records in the organizing database and printing a variety of organizing reports
  • Keeping detailed records and filing reports in a timely manner.

Skills Required

  • Proficient in the one-on-one organizing conversation and is able to train others.
  • Proficient in all phases of leader identification and development.
  • Proficient in developing organizing meeting agendas.
  • Proficient in creating organizing plans (from worksite actions to strategic plans).
  • Proficient in maintaining and updating lists and organizing charts.
  • Proficient in handling disciplinary meetings and grievances and can train and develop stewards to handle representation.
  • Proficient in developing persuasive written and graphic documents.
  • Supportive of the AFSCME mission and work attitude.

Physical Requirements (as required by the ADA)

Work is performed in a variety of employment settings including workers’ homes, neighborhoods, and worksites.  Driving, travel (including overnight stays), temporary assignments away from home, and extended work hours including weekends are required.  Valid driver’s license and insurance are required.

Education and Experience Required

High school diploma or equivalent with 3-5 years of relevant organizing and field rep experience.

To apply:

Please email cover letter, resume, and three references to afscme7@wt.net.  Use Organizer 3920 as the Subject line.  We will begin reviewing applications on Friday, May 26 and will continue to review applications until the position is filled.

AFSCME TX Corrections is proud to be an Affirmative Action/EEO Employer.

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