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Data and Information Technology Manager

Affiliate: Council 31
Location:Springfield, IL
Posting Date:May 31, 2018

AFSCME Council 31 is one of Illinois’ largest and most active unions, representing nearly 100,000 active and retired public service workers in nearly 300 affiliated local unions. Council 31 is a dynamic and progressive union which plays a key role in the state’s labor movement, as well as in the political and legislative arenas. It has pioneered new strategies for organizing the unorganized, winning tough contract fights, and developing innovative programs to improve workers' lives. AFSCME Council 31 is currently hiring a Data and Information Technology Manager. The position is based in Springfield, Illinois.


  • Responsible for overall planning, organizing, and execution of all Information System functions. This includes meeting organizational requirements, support of existing applications, as well as creating new and innovative solutions;
  • Manage the operation of AFSCME CN 31 membership and dues information database
  • Evaluate and monitor the flow of information with all levels of the organization to improve and re-tool existing systems or develop new data pipelines to meet programmatic needs, and troubleshoot any system-wide difficulties or problems with information systems;
  • Develop policies to ensure security, performance, consistency and maintainability, monitoring of all information systems;
  • Develop and manage vendor relationships related to data and technology, including requests for proposals, evaluation of bids, contract negotiation, administration of data security agreements;
  • Monitor developments and emerging technology in the IT, data analysis, and data management fields; recommend new data and technology solutions to meet changing needs; propose appropriate technology solutions and manage their implementation to meet current and prospective organizational needs;
  • Collaborate and make organizational recommendations as to the best possible data and software-based technology solutions to implement while maintaining high levels of data security;
  • Develop and maintain security and disaster recovery plans across all systems and platforms;
  • Assess and manage risk in relation to data security and make appropriate recommendations.


  • Lead the Information Systems and Data team
  • Document business processes and procedures;
  • Oversee data processing workflow
  • Oversee software toolsets which support field, mobilization and organizing initiatives, including ensuring front-line technical support;
  • Manage routine data match and hygiene processes, working with commercial vendors as needed;
  • Oversee routine maintenance and improvements to systems such as canvassing devices and membership data management systems;
  • Oversee training and support for staff;
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Minimum of 7 years of experience in information systems, and experience giving management strategic advice, system implementation and building information infrastructure;
  • Experience with Microsoft Server 2012 & 2016, Windows 10 and Windows XP;
  • Experience with Microsoft Office;
  • Experience with IBM iSeries;
  • Demonstrated project management skills; ability to manage complex projects, prioritize and multi-task;
  • Excellent technical skills as well as experience in networking, management and understanding of complex relational databases, and data management knowledge;
  • Effective communication skills as well as an ability to discuss systems issues with people that may not be technology-based individuals;
  • Familiarity with current trends and developments in contact management relationship software, mobile technologies, data analysis, security and user restrictions in a membership management context;
  • Must have the ability to relate to and work with diverse groups of people; ability to work independently within the context of a plan;
  • Familiarity with Voter Activation Network and/or Catalist systems a plus
  • Knowledge of SQL, RPG and PHP programming capability a plus;
  • Experience working in the labor movement, for advocacy groups, or political campaigns; union or community organizing experience a plus.

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