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For each position of interest, please send a separate email with an attached cover letter and resume to: recruiting@afscme.org.

Also, include the position title, and if you are a current member of an AFSCME Local, in the subject line of your email.

International Union Representative

Department: Organizing & Field Services
Grade:United Staff Union – Grade 9A
Salary:Starts at $67,119
Benefits:List of benefits
Posting Date:October 03, 2018

This position is responsible for planning, managing and executing representational programs with affiliates.  Involved in assisting any size employee group with a variety of occupations and a wide range of responsibilities.  These groups may be spread throughout various facilities in a localized area or state or larger geographical area.  The incumbent will draw upon the resources of other International Union departments, councils and locals, as well as the local labor community, universities and other organizations and may be responsible for coordinating and carrying out a complete strategy in the assigned area.


  • Assists stewards and other work site leaders in developing strategies for contract negotiations, contract campaigns, anti-privatization fights and other programs.
  • Handles servicing activities; plans and executes a program to expand the scope of representation.
  • Communicates the union’s vision for building strength and achieving growth to members and leaders and guides their activity on behalf of the union. 
  • Where the Union has achieved check-off, represents workers politically and through other means.  In conjunction with regional management, actively promotes AFSCME’s organizing agenda with affiliates, building political support and encouraging creation of strong organizing capacity at the councils and locals.
  • Communicates one-on-one with supporters, leaders and members and guides their activity on behalf of the union. 
  • May conduct negotiations, prepares PERB and NLRB filings, handles arbitrations and grievances, and conducts labor management relations for bargaining units. 
  • Works with councils and locals to develop and implement internal organizing programs. 
  • Plans labor management relations with leadership of a bargaining unit(s).
  • Identifies and trains stewards and other work site leaders.  Identifies and recommends potential volunteer organizers from within the AFSCME membership. Visits job sites to maintain member rapport and monitor worker attitudes.
  • Conducts research, gathers information, and devises effective strategies for negotiating collective bargaining agreements, preparing for arbitrations and other servicing activities.
  • Plans and participates in campaigns to defend local unions against decertification attempts.  May act as Administrator of a local union, as assigned.
  • Expected to coordinate the work of IUFRs, affiliate staffs, and temporary project help and facilitate meetings and group problem solving.
  • Visits workers in their homes as part of a union project.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


Education and Experience:

  • High school graduation or equivalent, three to five years of relevant organizing/servicing experience; or any combination of education and experience which provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities.


  • Knowledge of servicing union members at a professional level.
  • Knowledge of labor unions and labor relations, including knowledge of labor board proceedings and hearings.
  • Ability to plan and coordinate work activities.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective work relationships with employees and members.
  • Ability to conduct research and gather information for negotiations, arbitrations, strategy development and other servicing activities.
  • Ability to negotiate collective bargaining agreements along with the ability to develop persuasive written and graphic documents.
  • Ability to do PERB and NLRB filings.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing; ability to effectively plan workers’ actions including strikes.
  • Ability to effectively communicate, both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to communicate in a foreign language desirable. 

Travel and work hours:

  • Extensive travel and extended work hours may be required.

Please submit resume and cover letter to recruting@afscme.org.

Posting Date:  October 3, 2018

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