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Affiliate: AFSCME Council 61
Location:St. Louis/Eastern Missouri
Posting Date:October 23, 2017


AFSCME Council 61 has a job opening for a Union Representative. This is a professional-level position that is responsible for providing a broad array of technical and administrative services to affiliated local Unions, local Union officers, and Union members, in the process of carrying out the representational duties of the Union.

This position will cover the St. Louis/Eastern Missouri area and will be based from a home office. The employee must live within their assigned staff area (St. Louis/Eastern Missouri). This position reports to, and works under the general supervision of the President of AFSCME Council 61.


Individual employees may not perform all of the specific duties and responsibilities listed. The examples listed below provide a general summary of the work required and should not be treated as a total or complete list of expected duties to be performed by employees in the classification. The duties of this position include but are not limited to:

  • Organizing: Developing and maintaining organizing contacts within the assigned district; initiating and conducting organizing campaigns when and where appropriate, including initiating, preparing for, presenting, and following through on any unit determination hearings; helping local unions develop internal organizing campaigns and assisting locals in the implementation of such plans.
  • Collective Bargaining: Analyzing the collective bargaining Agreements of local unions and suggesting bargaining proposals to strengthen such Agreements; reopening contracts in a timely fashion and drafting such bargaining proposals as may be adopted by the membership; scheduling bargaining meetings with employers as necessary and serving as the union’s spokesperson during negotiations; advising, assisting, and making recommendations to union bargaining committees during the collective bargaining process; initiating impasse resolution procedures when necessary, including preparing for, presenting, and following through on fact finding and/or interest arbitration cases under Missouri Statutes; assisting local unions in preparing for and conducting successful strikes when such situations occur; preparing and presenting negotiation summaries at contract ratification meetings; following through to see that contracts are signed and copies distributed to the membership and Council 61 following the ratification process.
  • Contract Administration: Advising union officers and members as to the proper interpretation of their collective bargaining Agreements; assisting officers and members in the drafting of grievances; serving as the union’s spokesperson during the latter stages of the grievance procedure; making recommendations on grievance appeals; initiating, preparing for, presenting, and following through on grievance arbitration cases.
  • Miscellaneous Litigation: Initiating where necessary, preparing for, presenting, and following through on various types of litigation involving local unions or members.
  • Local Union Administration: Advising and assisting local union officers in administrative functions or problems; serving as the liaison between local union officers and the appropriate Council/International Union officials/departments; attending local union membership meetings within their assigned areas whenever possible.
  • Legislative and Political Action: Assisting as necessary in carrying out the legislative and political action programs of the union within the assigned area in conjunction with the AFSCME Political Action Department, including providing assistance to certain national, state, or local elected officials and candidates with whom the union has a working relationship or has endorsed; helping local unions within the assigned area to develop effective PEOPLE programs.
  • Labor Movement Liaison: Serving as a liaison to other unions and organizations that share AFSCME’s legislative and political action goals.
  • Miscellaneous: Other duties related to carrying out the mission and/or the policies of Council 61 as may be assigned by the Council President or the Chief of Staff.


  • Personal Integrity – Demonstrated by honesty and candor in dealing with others, and the ability to develop trust with union members and officers, council administrative staff, employer representatives, neutrals, elected officials, and political and community organizations.
  • Self Confidence – The ability to project a positive self-image through personal demeanor and effective written and oral communication.
  • Assertiveness – The ability to forthrightly state the union’s position in a variety of emotionally charged forums.
  • Decisiveness – The proven ability to make timely decisions based on sound reason and available data.
  • Listening Skills – A responsive listener who can understand, accept, and work cooperatively with the union and staff as well as diverse groups involved in collective bargaining and political advocacy.
  • Commitment to Empowerment – A strong belief in the philosophy of rank and file involvement in the union and the empowerment of individual workers through the collective bargaining process.
  • Conflict Management – The ability to deal with a variety of personnel problems including the ability to resolve conflict, to communicate openly and honestly, and to encourage consensus when appropriate.
  • Flexibility – The ability to focus on the overall mission of the union in the face of a changing external/internal environment.
  • Initiative – The ability to be a self-starter, and to effectively manage and prioritize a heavy workload independently under general supervision.


Any combination of coursework equivalent to graduation from high school. College level course work in labor and industrial relations, economics, and related fields is desirable. An equivalent number of years of progressively more responsible union related work may be substituted for the college education factor. A basic understanding of computer operation is necessary, since representatives must perform the majority of the clerical functions associated with their positions.


  • A thorough understanding of public sector unionism and labor law with emphasis on collective bargaining and contract administration, including grievance and contract arbitration experience.
  • Knowledge of the structure, functions, and personnel policies of state and local government jurisdictions.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • The ability to exercise initiative and to function effectively under general supervision.
  • The ability to organize and manage a large volume of information and to operate an office.
  • The ability to gather, analyze and interpret complex data and information from a variety of sources.
  • The ability to speak clearly, concisely, and persuasively to groups of people.
  • The ability to prepare clear and concise written correspondence, reports and briefs.
  • A basic understanding of the rules of parliamentary procedure.
  • Proven ability to work harmoniously with others and to maintain satisfactory relationships with other involved in the union and the collective bargaining process, as well as the public.


A great deal of traveling and night work is involved in this position. Applicants should be aware that the nature and duties of the position will require Union Representatives to be away from their families. Conventions, conferences, and local union meetings will require Union Representatives to work occasionally on weekends. The hours worked daily and weekly are unlimited and are determined by the meetings, appointments and other commitments necessary to effectively carry out the responsibilities of the position. Representatives must provide their own transportation and must live within their assigned areas unless otherwise approved by the President of the Council. 

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