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Why We Support Child Care Providers Together

Trudy Bean

We Have a Voice

"As family child care providers, we're seldom part of the decision-making process. Coming together with AFSCME and Child Care Providers Together help us make our voices heard about things that matter, like regulations and contracts for subsidized care." Trudy Bean, Family Child Care Provider, Eureka, CA


We Get Together

"Before the union, we rarely had a chance to meet with other providers and talk about joining together. In 2004, we participated in two statewide conferences about making our union stronger-and one was held entirely in Spanish." Ana Ramon, Family Child Care Provider, Philadelphia, PA

Alicia Daniel

We Get Results

"When our reimbursement checks were being held due to the legislature and the Governor not passing a state budget on time, we put pressure on to see that the deadlock was broken and our payments were made more quickly." Alicia Daniel, Family Child Care Provider, San Francisco, CA


We Get the Respect We Deserve

"To take care of children and do the best job we can, we must also take care of ourselves. I want to be treated like the professional I am. That's why I joined AFSCME/ Child Care Providers Together."Brandi Lipford, Family Child Care Provider, Pittsburgh, PA

Denise Cressman

A Strong Partner

"I chose to join with the United Child Care Union because they joined as a partner with family child care providers. Imagine the strong voice we — together with the union — will have in Pennsylvania and nationally. This is the beginning of a national movement and I'm excited to be involved." Denise Cressman, President, Home-based Child Care Providers Association Inc. Danville, PA

Guadalupe Alvarado

Together We Can Win

"I’m joining CCPT because by standing together we can win health insurance and other benefits that will improve our working conditions and lives. When we come together we can’t be ignored because there is strength in numbers." Guadalupe Alvarado, Family Child Care Provider, Springfield, OR

Devlyn Jones

Power in Numbers

"As president of the Professional Family Day Care Providers Association of Mahoning Valley, I know there is power in numbers. Together with AFSCME/ Child Care Providers Together (CCPT) we will have more power to protect and improve our profession. Working with AFSCME/CCPT through the current rules change process, I have seen first-hand how AFSCME/CCPT is focused on helping us address issues import to us. Join us!" Devlyn Jones, Family Child Care Provider, Mahoning Valley, OH

Marlette Welch

A Strong Network

"I believe that every provider should have a voice. I joined Child Care Providers Together to be part of a strong network of providers that is making a difference." Marlette Welch, Family Child Care Provider, Detroit, MI

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