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AFSCME Strong is a nationwide, ground-breaking campaign to talk to 1 million of our members.

Three years ago, leadership from every state came together to formulate a plan to build solidarity and power in every one of our 3,400 locals. Collectively, they established the following goals:

  • Maintain 90% membership in locals that currently have fair share language.
  • Engage 80% of members (1 million) in one-on-one organizing conversations and ask them to take a role in maintaining and building power at the workplace.
  • Train 5% of members to conduct these conversations and be activists at work.
  • Sign up 10% of members to participate in PEOPLE, our political action fund.
  • We know this plan works. Nationwide, we are maintaining over 90% members, have engaged over 800,000 members, signed up almost 400,000 new members and trained 25,000 activists to continue carrying out this work.

AFSCME is ready – through our successful AFSCME Strong campaign we have set up a program that has trained more than 25,000 members who have had over 800,000 conversations with their co-workers about what Right to Work will attempt to do to our pay, benefits, and working conditions. AFSCME members are ready to win in the workplace despite the loss of fair share but know that we will be even stronger with you.

By joining us, associations will have access to the strength, resources and staff necessary to do the same.

When you are looking for the best partnership for your members, AFSCME’s size, make-up and history make us the only choice for affiliation. In a time when public employee unions and collective bargaining rights are under extreme attack, it only makes sense to pull our resources together and have each other’s backs. We will all gain by sharing what’s worked and what hasn’t, and joining our voices to demand fair collective bargaining rights. This is one of the main reasons AFSCME Strong has been so successful.

Learn more about AFSCME Strong and our bold vision of building a strong union of committed members.

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