Construyendo Poder

Mediante la campana AFSCME Mas Fuerte, hemos efectuado decenas de miles de conversaciones de miembro a miembro, alrededor de todo el país. En el proceso hemos podido identificar que existen situaciones en los centros de trabajo que no necesariamente podríamos resolver por los métodos tradicionales. Muchas de las uniones locales están retomando lo básico: la movilización de los miembros y mediante campanas organizativas poner presión a la gerencia/patrono resolver situaciones en los centros de trabajo.

Your Ideal Mentor: What to Look for

Are you the kind of person who likes to share best practices and lessons learned, as well as give feedback? Do you like to encourage others to achieve their personal best and potential? Are you helping to develop the next generation of leaders within your union or would like to do so? Whether you're a steward or activist, an experienced leader or AFSCME staff, this online class is for you!

Saving Your Back

Home health care providers are at high risk from injury as they care for their clients and loved ones. Get the facts about injury rates and risk factors in home health care. Please join us in this informative webinar as we define ergonomics and discuss strategies to keep both workers and patients safe. This webinar is possible through the Department of Labor Susan Harwood grant #SH-27635-5 and presented through the AFSCME Training and Education Institute (ATEI) and the AFSCME Education Department.

How to be a Mentor: Do You Have What it Takes?

Are you looking for a fresh perspective or need clarity in your work and career? Do you want to learn how to navigate your union role and develop leadership skills? Are you searching for someone who sees your potential and is willing to share some of his or her life’s lessons with you? Whether you're new to your union (as a leader, activist or union staff) or you’ve been around for a while, this online class is for you!