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Health Savings: Questions and Answers

Q: Are there providers in my area?

A: This program has an extensive nationwide network of providers and is frequently adding to its list. Some program features, however, may not have a provider in your location. To find out if there is a participating provider in your area, call 1-877-570-4845.

Q: Who is eligible?

A: All dues-paying members and retired members are eligible to participate in this program. Household family members, including, spouses, children and parents, may be included.

Q: How can my family members use this program? Can they use it even if they aren't union members?

A: You can add members of your family on your Union Plus Health Savings account, even if they are not union members.


A: Careington International is the provider of the Union Plus Health Savings Program. They have been in the business of helping people save money on healthcare since 1979, and now they are offering their services to union members at a discounted annual fee.

Q: Will I save money on every health care transaction?

A: The program negotiates volume discounts with health care providers. Savings on dental, vision and hearing will be within the quoted discount range. You will also save on most of your prescriptions. Occasionally retail pharmacies have special prices on some prescriptions to attract customers and you will receive the lowest price given, whether it's with your discount program rate or with the pharmacy's special price.

Q: How can I find out the cost of my prescription before I have it filled?

A: You may call 1-877-570-4845 for an approximate discounted cost for your prescriptions. The cost may vary slightly from pharmacy to pharmacy.

Q: What about dollar limits?

A: With the Health Savings Program, there are no limits on the dollar amounts or the number of prescriptions or other health care services you purchase.

Q: I take so many prescriptions; I'm concerned about possible drug interactions. Will the program let me know if I have prescriptions that may interact with each other?

A: Yes, this is done automatically. When a prescription is entered in your Health Savings account, the computer tracks it for known interactions with other medicines you have purchased through the program, even if you purchased them from different pharmacies or through the Mail-Order Pharmacy service. Please be sure to tell your doctor about reactions or allergies you may have to certain drugs. Also, read the literature that accompanies your medicine to find out about possible side effects.

Q: Will this program cover my prescriptions and health care services for pre-existing medical conditions?

A: Yes. Union Plus Health Savings covers prescriptions and health care services for all pre-existing conditions.

Q: My provider is not part of the nationwide network of providers but is interested in joining one of the Union Plus programs. How can my provider participate?

A: Providers interested in participating in the Union Plus Health Savings program can call the program customer service number at 1-877-570-4845.

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