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Free and Discounted Legal Assistance

There are times when you may need legal help or you simply have a legal question. Perhaps you've purchased a product that has turned out to be a "lemon," are faced with signing a complicated legal document, or need expert advice on a problem.

Through this exclusive union-members-only program, you get the legal advice you need at rates you can afford -- and most often for free. According to surveys, 75 percent of the matters brought to attorneys through the Legal Service are handled without charge.

This service allows members of participating AFL-CIO unions to consult an attorney on personal legal matters or to prevent a legal problem. Union-approved lawyers at over 1,300 law offices nationwide are available.

Here's what the Legal Service offers:

  • No enrollment fee 
  • Free review of select documents 
  • A free 30-minute consultation — in person or over the phone 
  • A free follow-up letter or phone call 
  • A 30 percent discount on additional services 

"The Union Plus Legal Service is designed to meet the needs of working people," said Union Plus President Leslie Tolf. "The program offers free and discounted legal assistance -- without complications. It helps members avoid the high cost of legal assistance while providing them with service from an attorney they can trust."

The Union Plus Legal Service does not cover matters involving union-related organizations or officials. Attorneys are not obligated to take a case and may decline if they choose

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