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Layoff Helpline

When you're laid off, Union Plus layoff programs can help

The Union Plus benefit programs offer built-in protection for workers who are laid off:

  • Layoff Helpline
  • Mortgage and Real Estate
  • Health Savings
  • Legal Service

Layoff Helpline – The Union Plus Credit Card has established a layoff helpline to assist union members who may experience difficulties making payments on their Union Plus accounts due to a temporary or permanent layoff. This new benefit is available to credit card participants only.

Members who call the layoff helpline will speak with a specialist who will evaluate their situation and determine the best short or long-term solution to help them during this difficult time. The phone number for program participants is:

  • Union Plus Credit Card Layoff Helpline: 1-800-551-2873  

The bank specialist will determine what assistance the member qualifies for on a case-by-case basis based upon the member’s account history, payment history and credit record. The following help is available:

  • Interest rate reductions
  • Short-term hardship programs
  • Long-term hardship programs
  • Account settlements
  • Credit counseling

Mortgage and Real Estate – For mortgage holders, the Union Plus Mortgage program will:

  • Exercise flexibility with regard to late fees and other matters related to loan payments.
  • Offer interest-free loans to help members make their mortgage payments through the Union Plus Mortgage Assistance Program.
  • Address additional considerations on a case-by-case basis. Mortgage holders can call 1-800-848-6466.

Health Savings – Members without health insurance coverage can save an average of 18% off the usual and customary physician charges. Discounts on retail and mail-order prescription drugs, vision care, foot & ankle care services and hearing care are also available. A small annual fee of $14.95 covers the entire family. Learn more here or call 1-877-570-4845.

Legal Services – The Union Plus Legal Service provides supplemental benefits to members of participating unions. Receive free and discounted legal service – with no annual fee or enrollment cost. Click here to find out more.

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