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"Bill of Rights for Union Members" states that "members shall have the right to a full and clear accounting of all union funds." To guide AFSCME’s affiliates in that task, the International Executive Board has approved the Financial Standards Code, the latest revisions of which are published in this booklet. This revision reflects new conditions, amendments to the International Constitution, changing laws and changing times.

The revised Code contains expanded Appendices on topics requiring further comment. These Appendices more fully explain certain topics contained in the Code, and are equally binding on all affiliates. It is our intent to continuously expand and/or revise these Appendices as required by law or constitution or changing times. Upon adoption by the International Executive Board, any such new/revised Appendices will be distributed to all affiliates.

In 1982, the "Trustees Audit Guide," which had been a separately published document, was incorporated into the Financial Standards Code. With this revision we are removing the "Trustees Audit Guide" from the Code itself to clarify that it is not a part of the Code. However, the revised Guide will continue to be distributed together with the other materials comprising the Code.

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