Safe Home, Safe Workplace

Every day AFSCME home health care members provide vital services to clients in their homes. These homes are workplaces with unique challenges. This webinar will concentrate on two topic areas: chemical hazards and infectious disease prevention and control.

Outside the Supreme Court: AFSCME Never Quits

AFSCME members Stephen Mittons and Dovard Howard joined dozens of other public employees on the steps of the Supreme Court to reiterate the vital role their unions play in helping them serve their communities. As they spoke, inside the nine justices were hearing arguments in Friedrichs vs. California Teachers Association.

My Name is Stephanie

Stephanie Wiley is a child care attendant in Ohio. Every day, she wakes up before the sun rises to help children with special needs who ride the bus to school. But this week she did something unusual. She flew to Washington, DC, to deliver a petition signed by 100,000 workers across the nation, demanding that a the Center for Individual Rights stop attacking working people.



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