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The Union Difference

Life is better in a union. Having a voice on the job means better pay, better health care, a more secure retirement, and so much more. It means having a say in safety, staffing, and other important issues that help AFSCME members do their jobs and keep America running.

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Better Pay

Union workers earn more.
Unionized workers make nearly $9,000 year a more than workers who aren't in unions.

Good Health Care

Union members have access to health care.
30 percent more union workers participate in employer-provided health care than those not in unions.

Secure Retirement

Union members retire securely.
60 percent more union workers have a defined-benefit pension plan than non-union workers.

Member Benefits

Being an AFSCME member doesn't only give you an advantage at the bargaining table — it also gets you access to discounts and benefits that can help make life a little easier.