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Resolutions & Amendments

26th International Convention - San Francisco, CA (1984)

Office Health and Safety

Resolution No. 139
26th International Convention
June 18-22, 1984
San Francisco, CA


AFSCME has long been in the forefront of progressive involvement in issues of workplace safety and health; and


Issues of health and safety for office workers have become increasingly evident; and


Such issues include skin reactions to NCR paper and other paper with toxic qualities, various reactions and problems with VDT's, poor ventilation, mal-illumination, indoor air pollution, and use of pesticides for office pest control; and


Information about effects of new technology on workers is scant and hard to come by; and


Creative responses in some local jurisdictions (e.g., reduction in the use of NCR paper, and protective measures with VDT's or NCR paper) need to be communicated quickly to other jurisdictions and members.


That AFSCME redouble its effort to effectively respond to the burgeoning problem of office worker safety and health by use of:

  1. Increased focus in AFSCME publications on office safety and health.
  2. Possible health and safety surveys (e.g., on NCR paper, skin cancer from exposure to fluorescent lights, or on VDT's).
  3. That AFSCME develop or elaborate on an internal safety issue clearinghouse with the purpose of identifying safety implications of, and appropriate responses to, new technology and office health hazards in the office place and elsewhere.
  4. Additional safety and health workshops and conferences sponsored by AFSCME.
  5. Appropriate lobbying with safety and health agencies and legislative bodies for the establishment of strict safety and health standards.


Christina Peterson, President
Martin Ethington, Secretary
Local 843, Council 28
Seattle, Washington