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Resolutions & Amendments

29th International Convention - Miami, FL (1990)

Solidarity in the Labor Movement

Resolution No. 130
29th International Convention
June 25-29, 1990
Miami, FL


The dawning of a new decade finds the American labor movement engaged in struggle over the most basic issues of justice and dignity for working people; and


Trade unionists in both the public and private sectors have chosen to use their ultimate weapon, the withholding of their labor, as a means of fighting mistreatment or intransigence by their employer. In so doing they have placed themselves in the vanguard of labor's march to fulfill the basic aspirations of all working people for a voice in their own future and for justice in the workplace and throughout society; and


While the overwhelming majority of union members continue to work under peacefully negotiated contracts, far too many employers in recent years have resorted to the brutal anti-labor tactics of a previous era in an effort to force strikes and thereby crush unions. Their methods have included refusal to recognize collective bargaining rights or to bargain in good faith, deployment of private security forces and public law enforcement agencies to break strikes, the hiring of scabs, and the use of highly paid union-busting law firms and "consultants" to teach them how to bend and break the nation's labor laws; and


In order to defend ourselves and our cause, it is vital that trade unionists continue to build upon the essential spirit of solidarity that lies at, the very foundation of our movement; and


The issues which have thrust our brothers and sisters into vital struggle with their employers are ones that have consequences for every working American. When workers strike, they strike on behalf of all trade unionists and their families. They deserve all the support a united labor movement can muster, and they must know that they do not stand alone; and


AFSCME recognizes the importance of worker solidarity. We have shown our solidarity with striking workers by contributing money, food and clothing; walking picket lines; and participating in rallies and demonstrations. AFSCME has been in the forefront in support of other workers' struggles including those at Eastern, the Pittston mines, and the telephone companies.


That AFSCME continue in every way possible to support the struggle of workers in this country in order to achieve dignity and justice at the workplace; and


That AFSCME will work with the AFL-CIO and other unions to explore ways to enhance labor solidarity and give full meaning to the phrase "an injury to one is an injury to all."


International Executive Board