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Resolutions & Amendments

29th International Convention - Miami, FL (1990)

Hospital Mergers and Consolidations

Resolution No. 25
29th International Convention
June 25-29, 1990
Miami, FL


The hospital sector has undergone for the past several years and continues to undergo a major restructuring as a result of federal policy and private business pressure encouraging the development of competitive practices for health care providers; and


One of the most significant results of this "pro competitive" policy has been a major wave of mergers, acquisitions and other consolidations by hospitals both among themselves and between acute care and other types of health facilities; and


This phenomenon is significant in that a large percentage of all hospitals has entered into these agreements and it is predicted that this trend will accelerate; and


The waves of mergers often significantly reduce health services to communities, especially eliminating expensive needed services; and


Such mergers often create giant employers that are nearly impossible for workers to organize; and


Such mergers and consolidations often have a dramatic impact on the members of unionized health care workers because layoffs may often accompany such restructuring; and


In the case that a larger non-union hospital acquired a smaller unionized facility, the boss may attempt to decertify the union through a so-called "unit reclarification."


That AFSCME undertake a program of self-preservation to protect our jobs and our union when such mergers threaten our well-being.

Such a program includes:

The negotiation of successorship clauses that contractually guarantee the perpetuation of the bargaining unit in its present form. That councils and locals will seek legislation upholding successorship language where necessary.

Developing strategies to oppose the issuance of licenses and certificates of need to those merged facilities that, will not guarantee the preservation of our bargaining units.

Development of corporate campaigns to oppose those mergers that threaten our members' well-being; such campaigns may include opposition to approval for tax exempt bond issues that a facility may need to expand or the development of strategies targeting the businesses of board of trustee members or of related enterprises.


Henry Nicholas, President
Kathy Sackman, Secretary-Treasurer
Donna Ford, Executive Secretary
Victor Garcia, Secretary
Local 1199/AFSCME
Philadelphia, PA