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Resolutions & Amendments

29th International Convention - Miami, FL (1990)

Support for the Civil Rights Act of 1990

Resolution No. 74
29th International Convention
June 25-29, 1990
Miami, FL


During the past three decades, America has made substantial progress toward ending discrimination through Supreme Court rulings such as Brown v. Board of Education and congressional action such as the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; and


AFSCME has long been in the forefront of organized labor's support for strong civil rights laws; and


Recent Supreme Court decisions have signaled a retreat from the Court's historic role in creating a truly color blind society by weakening the laws which protect the civil rights of all Americans. These decisions have made it more difficult for victims of employment discrimination to obtain relief through the Judicial system; and


It is within the power of Congress to enact legislation which will repair the damage done by these Supreme Court decisions.


That AFSCME urges the U.S. Congress to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1990. This legislation would restore and strengthen the statutory provisions of the civil rights laws. It would protect against race discrimination on the job and in private contracts, restore the burden of proof in discriminatory impact cases, facilitate prompt and orderly challenges to consent decrees and court orders, clarify that job bias is illegal and give women and religious and ethnic minorities the right to recover damages for intentional discrimination. The Civil Rights Act of 1990 would restore fair and effective civil rights enforcement without mandating quotas.


James Butler, President and Delegate
Louise DeBow, Recording Secretary and Delegate
AFSCME Local 420, Council 37
New York, NY

Helen E. Lee, President and Delegate
Marilyn Kern, Delegate
AFSCME Local 443, Council 28
Olympia, WA