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Resolutions & Amendments

31st International Convention - San Diego, CA (1994)

Support Reporter Sandy Nelson's ACLU Suit to Protect Workers' Free Speech

Resolution No. 105
31st International Convention
June 27-July 1, 1994
San Diego, CA


The labor movement has a proud history of supporting workers who are fighting back against managements' increasing attempts to control every aspect of their lives on and off the job; and


In 1990, award-winning journalist, veteran unionist and longtime radical Sandy Nelson was removed from her education reporting position to a swing-shift editing job at theMorning News Tribune (MNT) of Tacoma, Washington for participating in off-duty electoral activities to win and retain anti-discrimination laws that would protect job and housing rights of lesbians and gay men; and


Labor has a vital interest in protecting and encouraging journalists like Nelson who are fair, accurate and knowledgeable about labor issues because of their unionism and involvement in movements for civil liberties; and


After the NLRB refused to reinstate Nelson, and the newspaper decertified the Pacific Northwest Newspaper Guild Local 82 the ACLU of Washington sued the MNT on Nelson's behalf in June 1993 and plans to go to trial later this year; and


Nelson's 4-year battle, with publicity provided by the Sandy Nelson Defense Committee, has garnered broad public support, has been featured in Newsweek and Ms., and has been endorsed by the Newspaper Guild, the Washington State Labor Council, AFSCME Council 2, AFSCME Local 2083, and many other unions and community organizations; and


A victory in this case will help protect the constitutional rights to free speech and association of reporters and all working people.


That AFSCME endorse the ACLU suit to return Ms. Nelson to her former position as a reporter and that AFSCME contribute $1,000 to the Sandy Nelson Defense committee to assist in publicizing this important case.



Linda Saunto, President and Delegate
AFSCME Local 2083, Council 2

Federico Martin, President and Delegate
AFSCME Local 3235, Council 10