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Resolutions & Amendments

33rd International Convention - Honolulu, HI (1998)

The Member Action Team

Resolution No. 26
33rd International Convention
August 24-28, 1998
Honolulu, HI


AFSCME's organizing successes have been propelled by the efforts of volunteer member-organizers, who have a unique capacity to instill confidence and understanding in non-union workers; and


Surveys show that as many as 20% of our members are willing to give some of their time to the task of recruiting more members to AFSCME; and


The 1996 convention endorsed the effort of the Education and Organizing Departments to create a training, recruitment and deployment program for member-organizers; and


This has now been formalized as the Member Action Team program; and


From coast to coast, volunteer organizers have been vitally involved in the campaigns that won AFSCME representation for over 70,000 workers since the last convention.


That we honor and celebrate the efforts of our volunteer member-organizers and call on every AFSCME affiliate to make a full commitment to implementing the Member Action Team program.


Glenard S. Middleton, Executive Director and Delegate
Darlene Strock, President and Delegate
Jerome Damon, Vice President and Delegate
Peggy Peacock, Treasurer and Delegate 
Dorothy Bryant, Secretary and Delegate
Dale Chase, Executive Board Member and Delegate 
Jewel Dozier, Executive Board Member and Delegate
Jim Pickens, Executive Board Member and Delegate
Michael Pyles, Executive Board Member
Walter "Ben" Young, Executive Board Member