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Resolutions & Amendments

34th International Convention - Philadelphia (2000)

An Amendment to Authorize the International Union to Delegate the Authority to Conduct Audits of Local Unions to Councils

Amendment No. 1
34th International Convention
June 26 - 30, 2000
Philadelphia, PA


That the International Union Constitution, Article V, Section 7, is amended as follows:

Section 7. The International President shall have the power to direct the International Secretary-Treasurer to conduct an examination and audit of the books and accounts of subordinate bodies, whether chartered or not, including any books and accounts concerning health and welfare, pension, insurance or other benefit programs covering members of such subordinate bodies, at any time. The International Secretary-Treasurer, either in person or by designee, shall undertake such examination and audit as promptly as possible. In appropriate cases, the International President may direct that the authority to conduct such examination and audit be delegated to the council with which such subordinate body is affiliated, or, in the case of a subordinate body of a local union that is not affiliated with a council, to such local. When such a delegation is made, the costs of the examination and audit shall be the responsibility of the International Union, unless the audit is requested by the council or local to which the delegation is made, in which case such council or local shall be responsible for the costs. The results of the examination and audit, and any written report, shall be transmitted to the International President as promptly as possible.