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Resolutions & Amendments

34th International Convention - Philadelphia (2000)

Establish a National Caucus for Social Service Employees

Resolution No. 75
34th International Convention
June 26 - 30, 2000
Philadelphia, PA


Government spending on social services and anti-poverty programs has been under attack for more than 20 years; and


"Welfare reform" has resulted in a massive increase in the complexity of social service work, making a mockery of welfare agency claims of "smaller workloads;" and


This increase in the real caseload has been used as the pretext for increased privatization, "pinstripe patronage" and corporate welfare; and


The pressure on welfare clients to take low-wage jobs or work for their welfare checks has produced a downward pressure on wages in some of the very same sectors that this Union is striving to organize; and


The International Union has responded to similar problems in other areas by helping our sisters and brothers in Corrections and in Child Welfare & Protective Services to set up national caucuses, with research, communication and nationwide newsletters funded by the International Union; and


These caucuses and newsletters have significantly assisted the Union in its ability to negotiate and enforce contracts and achieve its legislative, organizing and public policy goals, educating our members and encouraging the education of the public on issues of vital concern to our members.


That the International Union convene a social services caucus that will meet on an ad hoc basis to advise the national union on issues related to the social welfare programs in which our members work.



Stephen M. Edwards, President and Delegate 
AFSCME Local 2858, Council 31
Eugenia Briscoe, President and Delegate 
Lafayette Abercrombie, 2nd Vice President
AFSCME Local 2808, Council 31
Carolyn Belmer, President and Delegate 
AFSCME Local 2806, Council 31
Nezarine Houston-Payne, President and Delegate 
AFSCME Local 2854, Council 31