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Resolutions & Amendments

35th International Convention - Las Vegas, NV (2002)

An amendment to allow greater delegate representation at the International Convention for larger retiree chapters

Amendment No. 2
35th International Convention
June 24 - 28, 2002
Las Vegas, NV


That the International Union Constitution, Article IV, Section 8, is amended as follows:

Section 8. Each chartered council and retiree chapter shall be entitled to one delegate and one vote. Each chartered retiree chapter shall be entitled to delegates on the basis of membership, to be determined in the manner provided for local unions in Article IV, Section 5 of this Constitution, as follows: 10,000 or fewer, one delegate; more than 10,000 but not exceeding 25,000, two delegates; more than 25,000 but not exceeding 50,000, three delegates; more than 50,000, four delegates. Each delegate representing a retiree chapter shall be entitled to one vote. Such delegates shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges of a delegate except that such a delegate shall not be entitled to nominate any candidate for International Union office as a council or retiree chapter delegate or to cast the council's or retiree chapter's vote in the election of International Union officers unless such delegate has been elected to that position by secret ballot vote conducted among the members of the local unions affiliated with such delegate's council or among the members of such delegate's retiree chapter or its sub-chapters. Any local formed or affiliated after the twelve-month period which forms the basis for representation of local unions or from which no per capita tax was due and paid for the twelfth month of the twelve-month period shall be entitled to send one fraternal delegate to serve as an official observer without voice or vote. Any member of the International Executive Board and any member of the Judicial Panel who is not elected as a delegate representing a subordinate body shall nevertheless be entitled to all the rights and privileges of a delegate except the right to vote.


    Gerald W. McEntee, International President
    William Lucy, International Secretary-Treasurer