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Resolutions & Amendments

35th International Convention - Las Vegas, NV (2002)

Adoption Support Enhancements

Resolution No. 48
35th International Convention
June 24 - 28, 2002
Las Vegas, NV


The emphasis in child welfare is early permanency planning, which leads to many more legally free children waiting for adoption. However, adoption resources are limited, especially for special needs, minority and older children; and


To provide incentives for families to adopt children, federal and state governments have provided adoption support, which includes monthly maintenance, Medicaid coverage, legal expenses and sometimes daycare for low income families; and


Adoption support often does not meet the financial needs of children. Often, daycare expenses alone are more than the monthly maintenance. Special needs children, such as the medically fragile or behaviorally disturbed, have extraordinary expenses not covered by adoption support. For those difficult children, it is very hard to find permanent adoptive homes, unless there is a significant financial incentive. So they usually end up under a foster parent guardianship with a high exceptional cost plan.


That AFSCME supports liberalizing the adoption support system to better meet the financial needs of legally free children and their adoptive families:





Gordon Umino, President and Delegate
Cyndi Kallinen, Secretary
AFSCME Local 843, Council 28