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Resolutions & Amendments

35th International Convention - Las Vegas, NV (2002)

Labor Needs an Independent Voice in the Media

Resolution No. 83
35th International Convention
June 24 - 28, 2002
Las Vegas, NV


The passage of the 1996 Telecommunications Act resulted in a consolidation of major media outlets and a reduction of diverse points of view; and


The remaining media outlets are dominated by conservative, anti-union, white, male spokesmen while marginalizing progressive, pro-labor, anti-racist, anti?sexist and anti-corporate points of view; and


In a period of increasing international corporate consolidation, privatization and the dismantling of the welfare state, there is an urgent need to educate and unite union members and to reach out to those not in unions on common issues, both here and internationally.


That AFSCME International Union call on the AFL-CIO to develop a labor media strategy which would include regular labor programming on community and commercial radio, television, satellite channels, public access TV, internet stream and other forms of electronic communications. In addition, the AFL-CIO should consider purchase of radio and television stations and financially and practically support pro-labor media that already exists by donating money to the recently formed Workers' Independent *[Radio]* News Service in Madison, Wisconsin at or or any other such ventures; and


That AFSCME and AFSCME councils develop a labor media strategy with regular labor programming as listed above and donate money and resources to WINS radio in Madison, Wisconsin, or any other such ventures, as have other International unions.


Steve Edwards, President and Delegate
Diane Stokes, Vice President and Delegate
Pete Anderson, Secretary
Mike Bernard, Treasurer
Lillie Jones, Executive Board Member and Delegate
Miguel Mora, Steward and Delegate
Mary Bennett, Executive Board Member
AFSCME Local 2858, Council 31