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Resolutions & Amendments

37th International Convention - Chicago, IL (2006)

Maximizing Use of the Internet for Member Communication and Activism and Projecting AFSCME's Vision to the World

Resolution No. 35
37th International Convention
August 7-11, 2006
Chicago, IL

The Internet has emerged as the cutting-edge communications tool of the 21st Century, giving the vast majority of Americans and AFSCME members the ability to access real-time information and communicate instantly with people and organizations throughout the country and the world; and

The Internet and e-mail messaging are extraordinary tools for AFSCME to build our organization, communicate with our members and connect people from diverse backgrounds and places with a common agenda for social and economic justice for America’s working families; and

AFSCME members and affiliates are increasingly using AFSCME’s website to find important information, become involved in legislative and other campaigns, access resources and toolkits, and connect with union leaders and other members; and

Most of AFSCME’s affiliates and many of their subordinate bodies have websites to involve their members and promote their legislative, political, bargaining, organizing and other priorities; and

Other progressive organizations, the media, researchers, students and a wide variety of other information seekers, are increasingly turning to AFSCME as a union leader and value its website for information, resources and ways to get involved in campaigns for change; and

AFSCME has demonstrated success in using the Internet to provide information and resources for members and other key audiences, increase member activism, and showcase to the progressive community, the media and local, state and federal elected officials AFSCME’s role as America’s leading labor union and a key voice in the struggle for economic justice; and
The International Union has already made a substantial investment to revamp its website and launch an aggressive and comprehensive online communications program to enhance member activism and communications, project the union’s values, and support the strategic objectives of our priority political, organizing, legislative and bargaining campaigns; and

E-mail and Internet-based communications are often more cost effective and timely than more traditional modes of communications; and

Internet technologies are constantly evolving and new ones emerging, requiring constant additions and improvements to online programs to maintain effectiveness.

That AFSCME will continue to enhance its website so that we have the most effective and modern means to engage our members by providing online opportunities to take action, complete opinion surveys, access training and involve members and union supporters in “offline” grassroots activism; and

That AFSCME will help its affiliates enhance their websites and build their online capacity with e-mail advocacy tools and strategic online support so we have exceptional Internet communication at every level of the union; and

That AFSCME will use its website to communicate its vision, message and “brand” to all internal and external audiences and will provide affiliates with the resources they need to do the same.
SUBMITTED BY: Carol Dotlich, President and Delegate
Howard Ocobock, Vice-President and Delegate
Carol Van Arnam, Secretary and Delegate
AFSCME Council 28