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Resolutions & Amendments

38th International Convention - San Francisco, CA (2008)

An Amendment to Modernize the Obligation of an Officer

Amendment No. 2


That Appendix B to the International Constitution, entitled “Obligation of an Officer,” is amended to read as follows:

Appendix B - Obligation of an Officer
 I,____________, promise and pledge that I will perform faithfully and with honor the duties of the office which I now assume in the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees,. I pledge to fight for a society where all workers can seek economic and social justice through participation in their union and our democracy.  I will work for these goals by organizing unorganized workers, mobilizing workers to participate in the political process, and fighting to gain and defend the best possible working standards through contracts and legislation. I acknowledge that it is a privilege to serve in this office and I promise that I will deliver to my successor in office all books, papers and other property of this union which are in my possession at the close of my official term.”

SUBMITTED BY: Gerald W. McEntee, International President