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Resolutions & Amendments

38th International Convention - San Francisco, CA (2008)

Fighting the Use of Invasive Technology in the Workplace

Resolution No. 91
38th International Convention
Moscone West
July 28 - August 1, 2008
San Francisco, CA

It is critical to productivity and morale to maintain a workplace in which employees are treated with dignity and respect; and

Such work environments are increasingly threatened by the use of new and highly-intrusive surveillance technology; and

Biometric technologies, which can measure and store intensely personal identifying information, such as physical body characteristics, are unduly invasive and susceptible to unauthorized uses, such as identity theft; and

Location-awareness technologies, such as global positioning systems and radio frequency identification devices, can track an individual’s movements, or a person’s use of a vehicle or electronic equipment, even outside of work hours and usual work locations; and

While an employer has the right to manage its workforce, use of intrusive surveillance technology violates the normal expectation of privacy, dignity and respect in the workplace.

That AFSCME believes that the use of electronic monitoring as a condition of employment or as a tool for disciplinary procedures is a serious threat that should be addressed by AFSCME and its affiliates through member education, contract negotiations, political action and legislation.
SUBMITTED BY: Claude Fort, President and Delegate
AFSCME Local 375, Council 37
New York