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Resolutions & Amendments

39th International Convention - Boston, MA (2010)

Supporting Children and Families Nationally Through Federal Grants

Resolution No. 48
39th International Convention
Boston Covention & Exhibition Center
June 28 - July 2, 2010
Boston, MA


The need of low-income families, either single-parent or two-parent, to have safe, quality and affordable child care has risen dramatically due to inflation, the introduction of TANF and other factors.  This developing industry is growing exponentially as parents are forced to work longer hours and there is a decrease in extended families providing such services; and

Child care has become a growing industry in the nation.  In New York City alone, the early care and education sector of the economy generates more than $2 billion, which includes parent fees, government subsidies and industry support paid by the government; and

The child care industry must be recognized as a vital economic engine that is necessary and an integral part of the social infrastructure that keeps the nation working by enabling parents to work and, in many places, provides social and educational structures for the nation’s infants, toddlers and children; and

The child care industry supports local and national economies, relieves parents of burdensome concerns about their children and offers children a safe haven for children being home alone or with unqualified care.  In a recent study it was demonstrated that every dollar spent on childcare produced $1.89 for the New York City economy, beating out the hotel and lodging industry and the apparel and accessory industry.  It is believed that the effect of the child care industry in other areas produces similar results.

That AFSCME calls for an increase of $1 billion for the Child Care and Development Block Grant in the President’s Budget for FY 2011; and
That AFSCME support a $1 billion increase to the Child and Adult Care Food Program that provides significant nutritional sustenance to tens of thousands of needy children and adults across the nation.
Mabel Everett, President
Rose McCuller, Secretary
AFSCME Local 205, Council 1707
New York