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Resolutions & Amendments

41st International Convention - Chicago, IL (2014)

An Amendment on Convening a Special Legislative District Convention to Elect an International Vice-President

Amendment No. 3
41st International Convention
McCormick Place
July 14 - 18, 2014
Chicago, IL


            That the International Union Constitution, Article VIII, Section 11, is amended to read as follows:

Section 11.  If the vacancy is that of International Vice President, the International Secretary-Treasurer shall, immediately after the vacancy occurs, notify all subordinate bodies in the Legislative District from which such Vice President was elected of the existence of the vacancy. Any subordinate body in such Legislative District may nominate candidates to fill such vacancy by action of such subordinate body. Such nominations must be submitted to the International President and the International Secretary-Treasurer not later than sixty days after the date on which the International Secretary-Treasurer sent the notice of the vacancy. In any case where there is only one eligible nominee to fill such vacancy, that nominee shall be declared elected. If there is more than one eligible nominee, the vacancy shall be filled by the calling of a special district convention of delegates from local unions, councils and retiree chapters within the Legislative District in which the vacancy occurs. Such special district convention shall be held within the geographical boundaries of the Legislative District and shall be presided over by the International President or his representative designated prior to the special district convention. The date, time and place of the special district convention shall be established by the International President; provided, however, that such special district convention shall be held not later earlier than 150 days or later than 180 days after the vacancy occurs. The requirements established by Article IV of this Constitution for International Conventions, except those contained in Article IV, Sections 10 and 11, concerning issuance of the convention call, bases of representation, delegate and voting strength formulae, qualification, election and certification of delegates, eligibility of subordinate bodies to participate and eligibility of nominees, shall be applied, except that only those candidates nominated as set forth above shall be candidates in the election at such convention and no further nominations shall be permitted from the floor. The special district convention call shall contain the names of all eligible persons nominated to fill such vacancy and shall establish, as a special order of business, the time for holding elections. If the vacancy occurs within 180 days of the opening of any regular biennial convention, no special district convention shall be called and the delegates to the regular biennial convention shall elect a Vice President.


Lee Saunders, International President
Laura Reyes, International Secretary-Treasurer