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Resolutions & Amendments

41st International Convention - Chicago, IL (2014)

Education And Leadership Development For The Power To Win

Resolution No. 70
41st International Convention
McCormick Place
July 14 - 18, 2014
Chicago, IL


            AFSCME is committed to preparing members and staff to face the ever increasing threats and opportunities by developing their leadership skills, fueling their hearts with courage and their minds with strategies that advance the goals of our union; and


            AFSCME has adopted four strategic priorities in its 2014 Power to Win plan; and


            AFSCME offers cutting edge leadership development programs for members, activists, staff and leaders, including the many offerings of the AFSCME Leadership Academy, so that they can skillfully and knowledgably face our challenges and advance the union’s Power to Win priorities; and


            AFSCME’s Education and Leadership Development programs are a collaborative endeavor, involving staff and member educators at the local, council and national levels.


            That AFSCME will continue to create and offer innovative, high quality leadership training programs to build capacity for locals, councils and the national union and develop the next generation of AFSCME leaders; and


            That the education and leadership development programs will be a high octane engine for the Power to Win plan by training Volunteer Member Organizers in the classroom and in the field to help grow the union; motivating and equipping members to take collective action in the workplace and in our communities; providing tools to support effective coalition work and strategic relationships and strengthening the capacity of our locals, councils and national union to win victories for AFSCME members and all working people.


Christopher Mabe, President and Delegate
Kathleen Stewart, Secretary-Treasurer and Delegate
OCSEA/AFSCME Local 11 Ohio