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Resolutions & Amendments

42nd International Convention - Las Vegas, NV (2016)

An Amendment Concerning The Use Of A Mail Ballot Referendum To Amend A Local Union Constitution

Amendment No. 5
42nd International Convention
Las Vegas Convention Center
July 18 - 22, 2016
Las Vegas, NV


            That the International Union Constitution, Article IX, Section 19, is amended to read as follows:

            Section 19. Any local union wishing to amend, revise, replace or otherwise change its constitution may do so by a two-thirds vote of the members voting, providing proper and adequate notice has been given to all members of the proposal to amend, revise, replace or otherwise change such local constitution and subject to the provisions of Section 49 of this Article. A local union may amend its constitution to provide that said constitution may be amended, revised, replaced, or otherwise changed by a majority vote of the members voting subject to the following procedure: Proposed amendments must be read at a regular or special meeting of the local union and read and voted on at a subsequent meeting of the local union or voted upon by mail ballot referendum. Adequate and proper notice must have been given to the membership prior to the date on which the vote is taken or the mail ballots are to be returned. A written copy of the proposed amendment shall be furnished to each eligible voter at the meeting at which the vote is taken or in the mail ballot materials.



Lee Saunders, International President

Laura Reyes, International Secretary-Treasurer