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Resolutions & Amendments

42nd International Convention - Las Vegas, NV (2016)

An Amendment To Require The Executive Board Of Any Subordinate Body That Suspends An Officer Or Staff Employee To Notify The Person In Writing Of Its Action

Amendment No. 8
42nd International Convention
Las Vegas Convention Center
July 18 - 22, 2016
Las Vegas, NV


            That the International Union Constitution, Article IX, Section 48, is amended to read as follows:

            Section 48. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Constitution or of the constitution of any subordinate body, the executive board of any subordinate body shall have the authority to order the immediate suspension, pending full investigation, of officers or staff employees of such subordinate body who in its opinion are engaging in conduct imminently dangerous to the welfare of such subordinate body or of the International Union. Such action shall not affect the membership rights of any officer or staff employee so suspended.  In any such case, the executive board shall immediately notify in writing the suspended officer or staff employee, as well as the International President, of its action and of the reasons therefor. In any such situation, the order of the executive board shall be in effect for no more than thirty days, and may not be renewed unless formal charges have been filed against the officer or staff employee so suspended within the thirty-day period. Upon receipt of notice of the imposition of such a suspension, the International President shall immediately designate a representative to conduct an investigation.  The findings of the investigation shall be reported to the International President not later than fifteen days after such representative was designated, and the International President shall determine whether the subordinate body executive board had a reasonable basis for imposing the suspension. If the International President finds that the subordinate body executive board lacked a reasonable basis for imposing the suspension, the International President shall order the immediate reinstatement of the suspended officer or employee. Notice of the International President’s determination shall be sent to the suspended officer or staff employee and to the subordinate body   executive board which imposed the suspension.  Decisions of the International President pursuant to this Section shall not be subject to appeal. Such decisions shall not affect the processing of any charges which may be filed against the suspended officer or staff employee and shall not constitute a determination of the merits of such charges.



Lee Saunders, International President

Laura Reyes, International Secretary-Treasurer