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Resolutions & Amendments

42nd International Convention - Las Vegas, NV (2016)

Resolution to Encourage Support of Constituency Group Participation by AFSCME Members by Sending Members to the Constituency Group National Conventions

Resolution No. 45
42nd International Convention
Las Vegas Convention Center
July 18 - 22, 2016
Las Vegas, NV


AFSCME passed Resolution 81 at the 33rd International Convention, which called for support of Constituent Organizations. It states as follows:


The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) has long advocated membership participation in these organizations.


That AFSCME will encourage and support members that are active in these organizations; and


That AFSCME will encourage its affiliate councils and locals to organize membership participation in these organizations; and


That AFSCME encourage members to seek leadership positions in these organizations.


AFSCME Council 28’s Executive Board established a policy on July 13, 2013 to support and sustain member participation in the AFL-CIO Constituency Groups by sending delegates to the Constituency Groups’ national conventions. The policy states as follows:


The Washington Federation of State Employees has committed to support and sustain member participation in the AFL-CIO Constituency Groups.

The Council will send two (2) members that are dues paying members of the named constituency group to one event per year per constituency group.

The Council will also send up to two (2) WFSE members serving as elected officers of the Constituency Group to one event per year.

Constituency Groups are:

A. A Philip Randolph Institute (APRI)

B. AFL-CIO Veterans Council

C. Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA)

D. Coalition of Black Trade Unionists (CBTU)

E. Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW) ·

F. Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA)

G. Pride at Work (PAW)

Members selected to attend any of the Constituency Group events will provide a report of the event either written or oral at the next Executive Board meeting following the event they attended.


Attendance and participation in the AFL-CIO Constituency Groups’ National Conventions

enable our AFSCME members of the Constituency Groups to have a greater understanding of the Constituency Organizations’ mission and goals as they are defined at the national level at these national conventions, which enhances their ability to be better AFSCME activists; and


AFSCME Council 28 has benefited from having its members attend these Constituency Group Conventions by having a more informed and engaged member when they return. These members have used these experiences and skills learned to help AFSCME Council 28 achieve its strategic goals.


That AFSCME and affiliates at all levels are urged to continue to support various labor-related constituency groups and that AFSCME members are urged to take an active part and leadership roles in such groups.

SUBMITTED BY: Sue Henricksen, President and Delegate

Judy Kuschel, Vice President and Delegate

AFSCME Council 28

Margaret McDonald, President

Robin Windhausen, Secretary

AFSCME Local 843, Council 28