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Resolutions & Amendments

Other International Executive Board Resolutions

American Arbitration Association

International Executive Board, 1984


At the 1984 biennial convention, under Article IV, Section 25 of the International Constitution:

"....there shall be elected an International President and an International Secretary-Treasurer, both to be elected by the convention at-large, and International Vice Presidents without priority, to be elected by the delegates representing locals and councils in each of the Legislative Districts hereinafter established.", and


Article IV, Section 40 of the International Constitution provides that:

"The International Executive Board may employ an independent agency which shall, subject to approval by the convention, assist in and/or supervise the conduct of the election...";


The International Executive Board hereby authorizes the employment of the American Arbitration Association as the independent agency for the conduct of the election at the 1984 biennial convention in accordance with the provisions of Article IV, Section 40, subject to the approval of that convention.