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Frank Cowan

International Executive Board, 2002


Brother Frank Cowan has served the members of AFSCME and two AFSCME presidents admirably and with distinction over the past two decades; and


Brother Cowan has developed our political advocacy program into the finest union program in the country, thereby making us the greatest power for change in the Labor Movement; and


Brother Cowan has dedicated himself to increasing the size of PEOPLE, taking it from its infancy to its current status as the premier Labor Political Action Committee in the nation; and


By always striving to advance the issues of working people and doing so with excellence, Brother Cowan has made a real difference in the lives of working families and in the life of our great union;


That the International Executive Board and our 1.3 million members are grateful for the selfless efforts and achievements of Brother Cowan on behalf of working men and women everywhere, and we wish him all the best in the future and thank him for that which he has given us in the past.