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Copy of Martin Luther King Holiday in Arizona

International Executive Board, 1986


Dr. Martin Luther King was a special friend of AFSCME giving his life in support of our Memphis brothers' and sisters' struggle for dignity; and


Public employees in Arizona are particularly inspired by Dr. King's message in their effort to gain the basic rights enjoyed by public employees around the nation; and


Arizona Governor Bruce Babbitt established Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday as an official Arizona state holiday by Executive Order, on May 18, 1986, citing the need for "the citizens of Arizona to rededicate themselves to the compassionate philosophies by which Martin Luther King, Jr. lived;" and


By action of the United States Congress approved by the President the Federal Government has established the third Monday in January as a national holiday in honor of the life and achievements of Dr. Martin Luther King, and forty states have also established state holidays in honor of Dr. King; and


Despite this clear record of broad national support for such a holiday, Governor-elect Evan Mecham has announced that his first official act as Governor will be to rescind the Dr. Martin Luther King holiday; and


Dr. King's legacy is one of peace and reconciliation, not partisan and narrow recrimination.


That the International Executive Board reaffirm AFSCME's support for the national campaign — now largely achieved to establish a holiday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King; and


That the International Executive Board respectfully calls on Arizona Governor-elect Mecham to reconsider his announced intention of rescinding the executive order establishing the Dr. Martin Luther King holiday so that Arizona may continue with the overwhelming majority of States in the Union in honoring the memory of a great American.