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Other International Executive Board Resolutions

Political program funding

International Executive Board, 2002

WHEREAS, the AFSCME delegation to the AFL-CIO convention adopted a policy to seek a restructuring of the AFL-CIO's budget priorities in order to provide adequate funding for Labor's political program for the '02 and subsequent elections; and

WHEREAS, no action was taken at that convention on budget or per capita tax; and

WHEREAS, the 2002 elections are the highest stakes elections for working families in memory; and

WHEREAS, the AFL-CIO has subsequently embraced a restructuring of their program and budget priorities; and

WHEREAS, the Executive Council has called a meeting of the AFL-CIO General Board, on which we are represented by our International President, for May 22, at which a proposal for a temporary 4-cent per capita increase will be presented,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the AFSCME International Executive Board authorizes President McEntee to support a program that provides full funding for Labor's political program, including such a per capita increase.