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Other International Executive Board Resolutions

Recognition of Mike Ferrucci

International Executive Board, 2001

Whereas, Mike Ferrucci has spent 47 years of his life dedicated to providing exemplary service to our great union.

Whereas, Brother Ferrucci began his career in 1953 as a maintenance worker for the Connecticut Highway Department and left his job to serve his country as a Marine from 1953 until 1956.

Whereas, Mike Ferrucci served Local 867 as Secretary and President, and became Secretary and then President of Council 16 and in 1969, Executive Director.

Whereas, Mike Ferrucci gave additional service by being on the AFSCME International Executive Board and the International Judicial Panel.

Whereas, Mike Ferrucci served Council 4 as a Staff Representative, the Chief State Employee Contract Negotiator and the Executive Assistant to the Executive Director.

Whereas, in 1997, Mike Ferrucci was elected Executive Director of Council 4. And in 1998 he was elected to AFSCME's International Executive Board, and Vice President of the Connecticut State AFL-CIO.

Whereas, Mike Ferrucci has honorably fought for what he believes in — for what we all believe in — as a member of the AFSCME family, leading his state to collective bargaining and assuring that all working men and women have a voice at work.

Now be it resolved by the AFSCME International Executive Board that Mike Ferrucci's leadership and dedication will be missed as he retires and we say goodbye to him, but Mike Ferrucci and his accomplishments will never be forgotten.