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Standing with the People of Ukraine in Opposition to Putin’s Aggression

International Executive Board, 2022


Over thirty years ago, Ukraine declared itself an independent and sovereign nation, free from the former Soviet Union. In a referendum in 1991, over 90 percent of Ukrainian voters supported independence from the Soviets, including 56 percent of the voters in Crimea; and


Since Ukrainian independence, Russia has sought to undermine Ukraine’s fledgling democracy in violation of international resolutions and norms. Russia’s invasion of Crimea and installation of a puppet government in 2014 are significant examples of Russia’s reprehensible behavior towards Ukraine; and


Now, Putin has violently attacked the people of Ukraine, its democracy, and its territorial integrity. Putin, in the name of Russia, has embarked on a slaughter of civilians that can be characterized as a genocide; and


Ukrainians have fought back admirably. The courage and determination of ordinary citizens has been an inspiring example to the rest of world. In the face of brutality and destruction, the people of Ukraine have stood up to defend their freedoms and their nation; and


Led by the United States and our allies, strong economic sanctions imposed on Russia and Putin personally will take a toll. While we have admiration for Russians who are bravely defying their president, it is unfortunate that ordinary Russian citizens will suffer the consequences of the maniacal behavior of their leader; and


Our collective admiration for Ukrainians’ strong will to defend themselves and their democracy, and our condemnation of Putin’s aggression compel AFSCME, and our members take action to support the people of Ukraine.

Therefore, be it resolved:

AFSCME supports continuing economic sanctions against Putin, the Russian ruling class, and the Russian nation to ensure they face accountability for the evil and immoral war Putin is waging; and

Be it further resolved: 

AFSCME supports the prudent divestment of public pension fund assets from investments with ties to Russia. AFSCME supports the decisions of funds that have taken action to divest from Russia and our union calls on those funds that have not to do so as quickly as possible. AFSCME will assist, on request, any member of the AFSCME network of pension trustees or other interested representatives of AFSCME members in efforts to divest public funds from Russia; and

Be it finally resolved:

AFSCME fully supports all efforts by the United States and the world community to provide sufficient humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian people and refugees and equip Ukraine with the tools necessary to defend their nation from Putin’s onslaught.

Adopted by:

International Executive Board
March 3, 2022