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Support for US Automakers and Autoworkers

International Executive Board, 2008


The economic crisis gripping our country has had a devastating effect on the already troubled U.S. auto industry, driving it to the brink of collapse; and


Collapse of the domestic auto industry would have devastating consequences including the loss of 3 million jobs that are related to the industry, the loss of pension and health care benefits for 1 million retirees and their spouses and dependents, and a serious impact on public budgets as they absorb those pension and health costs as well as other social costs while suffering the loss of tax revenue from such a serious blow; and


Instead of rationally examining problems with the American auto industry and seeking solutions to revitalize this critical industry, which for decades provided many unionized workers and their families with a pathway to the middle class, many pundits and right-wing politicians are blaming unionized autoworkers for those problems; and


The difficulties facing the auto industry do not stem from the fact that they are unionized; many of their foreign competitors are unionized. What makes the U.S. auto manufacturers unique is that, lacking a national health plan, they have to pay to provide their workers with health insurance.


That AFSCME fully supports government action to assist domestic automakers contingent on the demand of Democrats in Congress that the automakers must demonstrate plans for their viability and accountability; and


That any legislation crafted by Congress should meet certain principles: