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Tribute to Chuck Hendrix

International Executive Board, 1987

Chuck Hendrix was the Toledo lighthouse that kept all of the ships on a steady course. Through turbulence and rough seas, Chuck was there to give his enthusiasm, his generosity, his abilities and his heart.

AFSCME's membership, in his region doubled during his tenure, but more important than that was his spirit that kept us all moving toward a common goal to improve the human condition.

Chuck didn't look at his role through a trade unionist's microscope. He understood the bigger picture. When senior citizens needed a person to help them fight cutbacks to their fixed incomes, Chuck was there. When human beings were denied equal access to good housing in decent neighborhoods, Chuck was there to march for justice. When the utilities began to push profit ahead of public safety, Chuck was there to remind them of their responsibility.

The farmworkers loved him because he was their brother. His compassion knew no boundaries, colors, ideology and followed no jurisdiction.

The Toledo Labor Day parade tells the story best of Chuck Hendrix. Every trade unionist in the parade wore a black armband for Chuck — to commemorate his commitment and his love for others. As the parade moved by, a school bus representing the Toledo School workers had draped a message across the bus for the man who had helped steer them over difficult roads. The banner read: "This ride's for Chuck."